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中国城市燃气协会迟国敬秘书长、赵梅主任、 山东省住建厅执法总队副队长刘庆堂、山东省燃气热力协会高绍远理事长等领导参会并作了重要讲话,全省十七地市燃气管理部门领导、中石油/中石化天然气公司有关领导、燃气经营企业的管理技术人员及设备厂家等共计560余名代表参加会议,会上各专家、学者、行业优秀企业均做了精彩的学术报告:
原国务院参事室研究室主任 徐晓东 教授 就“天然气分布式能源是走向智慧能源的起点”进行了精彩演讲;
中国燃气集团 陈佑民 副总裁 就“中国燃气京津冀鲁气代煤实施策略”阐述了新观点;
山东建筑大学 田贯三 教授 就““气电”等洁净能源供热及实施技术”作了新解析;
中石化华北销售处 王雪 副处长 就“山东市场燃气及LNG供应状况”作了报告;
武汉安耐捷科技工程有限公司 肖良武 副总 就“微孔开挖技术在管道安全运行中的应用”作了详细介绍。

Under the support of the Province Construction Hall, Chinese City Gas Association, LNG Professional Committee of China Gas Association, the 19th Shandong International Gas Applications and Technical Equipment Cum Filling(oil) Station Construction Exhibition was held on April 24-29 in Jinan International Convention Center. The exhibition gathered 378 enterprises from more than 20 countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Britain and Japan, etc. Well-known enterprises in the industry: Honeywell, Chart, CIMC, DunAn, China Gas, Feihu group, Xinxing Energy Equipment, Ganghua, Xinao, Elster-Instromet, Tancy, Nergy, ChengDu Jiesen group, Huaya Holding, Grand, Ji'nan city Changqing Computer App Co., Ltd, Viewshine, TianJin Puhai NewTchnologo, Zibo Green Source and other enterprises. The on-site enterprise customer volume exceeded RMB 100 million yuan for the first time. 

【 13 Theme Events】Part of forum introduction)
★The Third Subordinative Branch of the First Meeting of Shandong Gas and Heat Association
Secretary general of China Gas Association--Chi Guojing and the director--Zhao Mei, deputy chief of the law enforcement team of shandong province--Liu Qingtang and chairman of Shandong Gas thermal Association--Gao Shaoyuan, made important speeches. A total of more than 560 representatives from fuel gas administrative department leadership, oil/sinopec gas in the company leadership, gas enterprise management and technical personnel and equipment manufacturers of Shandong Province attended the meeting and gave fantastic speeches. Professor Xu Xiaodong, former director of the research office of the state council, gave a wonderful speech on “Natural Gas Distributed Energy Resource is the Starting Point of Wisdom Energy”.
Chen Youmin, vice President of China gas group, explained the new viewpoint of “The Heating and Implementation Technology of ‘coal to Gas’in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong”.
Tian Guansan from Shandong Construction University made a new analysis of “ The Implementation Technologies of ‘gas and electricity’”.
Wang Xue-vice director of Sinopec North China sales department reported on “The Supply of Gas and LNG in Shandong Market”.
Xiao Liangwu, vice president of Wuhan Anjie Technology Engineering Co., Ltd, made a detailed introduction on the application of "Micro-hole Excavation Technology in the Safe Operation of Pipeline".
★ The 2017 Annual Meeting(Changing terms of the office) of LNG Professional Committee of China Gas Association Professional Association
The meeting regarded “Gas Promoting Green Future” as its theme, and invited nearly 300 representatives from officials, LNG operating companies, design and investment experts, science and technology institutions, etc. They discussed together on the topic of gas and green development, energy policy, gas development’s future,e tc. They also communicated in the fields of advanced technology, equipment’s application and promotion. Representatives of China Gas Group gave speeches on the topic of “Realizing the Gas going to Countryside, Promoting the Gas’s application in new rural communities”, “Promoting the Transportation of LNG,CNG Cars and Shippings, Advocating the low carbon trip”. The exhibition built a great platform for both domestic and overseas gas industry’s technology communication and cooperation. A large amount of experts and scholars attended the show, and the exhibitors enlarged their market and coopeartion through this event too. Meanwhile, it also promoted the gas industry’s quick development both in China and other countries.
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